New England Cheese

John and Lia Christensen are a ‘Paddock to Plate’ operation with:

  • a working cow, goat and sheep dairy farm
  • cow/sheep/goat milk processing facility – milk, cream, cheese, yoghurt
  • café / cheesery door sales

Opening Hours: Friday, Saturday, Sunday 10am-4pm

Other days:  Our open hours are irregular, but we are always here and we are always happy to see you.

If you wish to visit on a specific day other than Friday, Saturday or Sunday – please ring first.                           Ring 0412 605 876.

If any  gate is open – ‘come on in!’

If the gate is closed, it generally means we have not made it to the front gate to open it.    Come in or please ring the mobile: 0412 605 876

We can open during our closed periods by appointment.
Please ring the mobile on 0412 605 876.

We are happy to provide a cheese tasting of jersey milk, goat milk and sheep milk dairy products made on in our factory……. free.

There is sufficient room for caravans to turn around and park.

Children (and adults) can play with the numerous goats & kids, sheep, chickens and dogs

Cash or Direct deposit via internet transfer into our account only.  Due to lack of telecommunication facilities in this area we are not able to offer card facilities at this time.

Contact: 0412 605 876 /                              Life Is Agriculture