New England Cheese Cafe /  Cheesery

Cheese Tastings of Just Jersey, Pure Goat and Ewe dairy products                                                                                                             …………………………………… Free

Cafe Menu

Liquid Refreshments

  • Cappucinno, Espresso, Tea
  • Just Jersey (cow) Milk Shakes, Chocolate, Strawberry, Caramel, Vanilla
  • Water straight from our spring (free from the tap)


  • Chocolate Cake – (homemade, gluten free) served with Just Jersey double cream
  • Cheese Cake – (homemade, gluten free) made with Just Jersey cream cheese


  • Goat Meat Pies – Plain, Pepper, Curry.  Puff pastry with New England Cheese goat meat
  • Soup of the day – (homemade, gluten free)
  • Goat mince – (New England Cheese goat mince, gluten free, homemade)
  • Bread / Toast – Gluten free, homemade
  • Butter – Just Jersey, Cultured

Special Notes:

  • New England Cheese provides  a simple menu using homemade and primarily gluten free (for coeliacs) and ingredients grown or made on farm.
  • Sit by the fire in Winter or on the verandah in Summer.
  • Animals every where – working dogs (kelpies), chickens, goats, kids, sheep…… ‘if you can catch them, you can pick them up!’.

Contact: 0412 605 876 /    Life Is Agriculture