John and Lia Christensen (both qualified Dairy Technologists from Melbourne University) spent 12 months living in a tent looking for a farm that would provide the ideal spot to retire and live sustainably.    That is,  build a small dairy and cheese factory and have fun.

We found Nowendoc, 950 metres above sea level, on the eastern edge of the great dividing range, with both summer and winter rainfall, 4 distinct seasons winter, spring, summer and autumn.  Not too hot and not too cold!

The next 2 years were spent building……………………….,

rain shelters for goats, fences, roadways, laneways, cheese factory, milking dairy,  sales area, hay shed, machinery shed and the list goes on and is still going on.

New England Cheese commenced production.  We started milking the goats and making cheese.  We had a continuous flow pasteuriser,  (high temperature short time – 800 litres per hour), homogeniser, cream separator, bottling machine and an A grade license from the NSW Food Authority

All of a sudden we were taking all the Jersey Cow Milk from a Jersey Cow Farmer in the next town, Gloucester and bottling milk, making cream, cream cheese and yoghurt, bottling goat milk, making chevre (goats milk cream cheese).  Most product was placed on a truck and sent to Harris Farm Markets in Sydney or to Johnsons Farmgate in Dungog.

Today we are still milking, processing our own goat and sheep milk  and Jersey cow milk from a single Jersey herd in our factory and making yoghurt and cheese.

Our major regret was not coming to Nowendoc earlier, because due to age and some major health scares we really do need to retire.  So we are for sale……………………..

Every thing……………

Farm, Factory, Shop, Dairy, Animals, Machinery, Packing Materials, Contract etc,  ” The Works”!

But, once you move to Nowendoc you will never want to leave, so we are retiring to a small holding in the Nowendoc area.     Ready to help who ever may want to take over New England Cheese.

Contact: 0412 605 876 /                              Life Is Agriculture