New England Cheese Just Jersey 

Jersey Cow Milk is high in cream and protein.  Great for every day use, cappucinno coffees (it froths really well) and especially good for yoghurt and cheese making.    New England Cheese processes the fresh milk onsite to make a wide range of products.

Just Jersey milk is a premium Australian Produced Food.

All products are Gluten Free.

New England Cheese Pure Goat 

We have around 80 milking goats that are at various stages of lactation, but predominately kid down in spring time when the grass growth is more abundant and the weather is kinder to does, kids and us – the goat handlers.

Goats are milked once a day by milking machines, around 8am on a raised flatform that holds 12 goats at one time.  Milk goes straight from the goats into the adjoining factory.

Goat breeds include Anglo Nubian, Saanen, Melaan, British Alpine, Boer Meat Goat and our favourite breed the ‘Milking Boer’.

The ‘Milking Boer’ is a cross between Boer Meat Goat (brown head, white beefy body) and the British Alpine (Black goat with white on the ears, tail and legs).  We love the milking boers:

  • Long lactation (milking time) over 12 months
  • High Milk fat and protein
  • High milk volume
  • Big frame, long legs and body, able withstand weather variability – hot & cold weather
  • Dark pigment, no sunburn
  • Quiet temperment and friendly

New England Cheese EWE

Running with the goats we have milking sheep, East Fresian (dutch),  Awassi (Israel) and Assaf (cross between the East Fresian & Awassi) breeds.  

They are milked in exactly the same way as the goats in the same system.


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