Pure Goat HALOUMI              

Variable weights    



A moist, yet 'squeaky' cheese made with fresh   goat milk.                                                              Haloumi is lightly salted.      

(Vegetarian, Gluten Free)

Pure Goat CHEVRE       


200g  in a tamper evident  resealable tub                    





  A moist hand-made farmhouse cheese.  The  texture is slightly moisture with a creamy          delicious lemony flavour and good acid balance.          

Chevre is light salted

Low Lactose, Gluten free, Vegetarian

Pure Goat MILK                                                                                                                                   



Goats are milked on farm,  pasteurised, chilled and bottled, ready for consumption.    

Raw Goats milk can be sold, if specially requested.

Goats milk can be frozen

Orders in advance need to be made for goats milk

Pure Goat BoerSin PEPPER   


150g  roll


Chevre is rolled in cracked black pepper.  The flavour of the pepper gently permeates throughout the cheese. 

BoerSin Pepper is light salted

Low Lactose, Gluten free, Vegetarian                             

Pure Goat BoerSin                              BoerSin – ‘The Classic’.

GARLIC & CHIVE                                

150g        Log                      



Chevre is coated with garlic and chives.

A  combination that works extremely well. 

BoerSin Garlic and Chive is light salted                                

Low Lactose reduced, Gluten free, Vegetarian





Pure Goat FETTA IN BRINE       


150g  Cheese plus brine in a 

Tamper evident resealable tub                                                                

 Persian style Goat Fetta.  This is a soft and creamy goat cheese presented in a salt brine.  If too salty, tip out some of the brine, add boiled, cool water. 

(Low Lactose, Vegetarian, Gluten Free)

Pure Goat Labna in Oil       

150g  Cheese plus Sunflower Oil in a tamper evident realsealble tub                



Soft creamy goat cheese marinated in sunflower oil, thyme black pepper and garlic.    

Labna is light salted

Probiotic cultures: L. acidiophilus and Bifido bacteria are included when cheese making

(Low Lactose, Vegetarian, Gluten Free)

Pure Goat PC                                       Personal Collection                          .

Variable weights cuts from a larger block of cheese

A hard cheese that provides a matured tasty flavour  to any occasion.

PC is made from Pure Goat milk 

Gluten Free, Vegetarian

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